KodeBeagle Privacy Policy

KodeBeagle strongly believes that the protection of individuals' privacy is a critical issue when doing business via the Internet. We have created this policy to inform our website visitors and plugin users of the measures we employ to keep private and confidential the information they may choose to share with us.

KodeBeagle does collect some kinds of information from its website/plugin users. By using this website/plugin unless opted out of anonymous stats collection, you agree to allow us to collect the kinds of information described later on this page, and to use it in the ways described.

Should we ever need to change this policy, we will post the changes on this page.

Handling of Personally Identifiable Information

On KodeBeagle website/plugin, we store information about you ONLY after you have given us permission to do so.

By clicking the accept button confirming your approval with the terms of this privacy policy (where applicable), you grant to KodeBeagle express consent to gather and process your system information (Beagle-ID, OS information and Intellij version). You can opt out for this information tracking.

KodeBeagle may use the information collected via this website/plugin with your approval only in order to (i) process your search query and/or (ii) to help improve our products and/or (iii) to provide you with information concerning KodeBeagle product licences, services, events and news and/or KodeBeagle is entitled to use this system information for the purposes specified above anywhere in our international organization, i.e. it can be rendered to KodeBeagle' controlling person or KodeBeagle' affiliates (for example, information collected by our Indian headquarters may be shared with one of our offices in the United States and vice versa).

Data Collection

KodeBeagle includes a universal unique identifier number known as Beagle-ID. This ID and information about your installation (for example, the operating system type, intellij version number and search queries) may be sent to KodeBeagle when you install plugin. We use Beagle-ID to improve search experience or to tailor our information offerings or responses according to the way you use the website/plugin.

We do not collect any personal information on our servers nor do we send user-end code on our servers for processing. The processing of keywords takes place on the plugin locally. These keywords are references to libraries external to the projects. These are send as part of the query to our servers. There is a way to exclude user defined library by clicking settings icon on the plugin and configuring exclude imports. Deciding which library is external and should be included in search is automatic and user configurable both.

Data Protection

KodeBeagle takes precautions to ensure the safety and confidentiality of the information we collect via our website/plugin. We employ the latest data security technologies to keep your information as safe as modern networking technology can make it.


You can opt-out your approval concerning the use of your personal information and anonymous search logging from KodeBeagle plugin settings at any time.

Inquiries and Feedback

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, or if you wish to inspect or update the information we hold about you, please feel free to contact us.