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The KodeBeagle is an open source software, offering analysis and searches for code references when required. KodeBeagle is a free code search engine indexing over 1 Billion lines of open source code from approximately 5,50,000 GitHub project repositories.

It is a context sensitive search that helps you with the right information at the right time. It helps you to search by terms and snippets and currently supports only Java. The search keywords or terms can be Java Class names.


Contextual code search

The context is taken from any given code snippet unlike other text based search platforms. The code searched is then checked for API specific idiom suggestions without losing the context.

Curated Code Pool

The search is based on a custom curated index formed by analysing the Open Source repositories on GitHub.

Blazing Fast

The advanced NLP research and big data engineering techniques help in increasing the speed of search.


Web Interface

Not using IDEA or just want to search Java Snippets for something abruptly, we have you covered. Our website has an immersive interface to help you find code for advanced scenarios.

Idea Plugin

Leverage the power of KodeBeagle for best practices and help in case you are stuck from within your favorite IDE, IntelliJ Idea.

Chrome Extension

Use our chrome extension to directly search a code snippet from any website using the KodeBeagle web interface.

How to Use



Language Support

*Currently we support Java, Scala, and Javascript (Node.js). Support for other languages will be added soon.

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